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Privacy Policy

The privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by www.hometutorbd.com and how it will be maintained-
  • Hometutorbd.com will not SHARE your Personal information publicly.
  • Hometutorbd.com will never SELL OR TRADE your contact information to anyone.
  • Your email address will be hidden and not share publicly on our site. Visitors can send message only via our contact form when required.
  • Hometutorbd.com will not send any marketing email for any other services but can send email for service notifications in rare case.
  • Your phone/mobile number will be shared publicly on your tutor/education profile when required.
  • Hometutorbd.com will only GIVE AWAY your contact information in cases where you have requested to receive more information from other members.
  • Hometutorbd.com may contact you directly if we need to verify any of your information provided on our site.
  • Hometutorbd.com may contact you directly to provide any service information, promotional information, or general notification about our services.
  • If you have additional questions, you can the following email info@hometutorbd.com for more information.


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We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. These companies may be operated by companies not affiliated with us. Linked websites may have their own privacy policies or notices, which we strongly suggest you review if you visit any advertising company's websites. We are not responsible for the contents of any websites that are not affiliated with us, any use of those websites, or the privacy practices of those websites.


How You Can Manage and Control Your Personal & Directory Information

We offer certain choices about how we communicate with our users and what personal information we obtain about them.

  • You may choose not to receive marketing communications from us by replying any email we send or submitting a contact form on Contact us page.
  • You will have access to manage your account (eg. edit/update your account information, profile information, Institutional information or other contents) under your Dashboard.
  • If you lost your account information then you can recover it from the login page password recovery links under Login page.

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Disclaimer : Hometutorbd.com only share and exchange the information that is provided by the Tutors & Parents. Except email verification , hometutorbd.com does not verify any information of Tutors or Parents. It is the members responsibility to verify the information integrity of Tutors and Parents. Hometutorbd.com is not liable or responsible for any kind of misinformation and any incident between Tutors and Parents. For details please review our Terms and Conditions